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PCR-TR test with negative results made with at least 96 hours before travelling to the islands.

Request the issuance of a safe-pass by a registered Galapagos Islands Travel Agency or a Hotel.


What to Pack?

Seasick pills, insect repellent, coat, bathing suit, shorts, camera, t-shirts, sandals/flip flops, hiking shoes, sunglasses, cap/hat, sunscreen.

What documents to bring?

Passport, COVID-19 regulation documents/tests, travel vouchers/tickets, insurance documents and airline tickets.


You will have to depart from either one of these airports to the islands:

Guayaquil City - José Joaquin de Olmedo Intl’ Airport (GYE)

Quito City - Mariscal Sucre Intl’ Airport (UIO)

Transit Control Card (TCC)

Must be done before airline check-in and bag drop in Guayaquil or Quito. You have to buy this card in the Consejo de Gobierno kiosk located in each airport. The cost is $20.00 per person of any age.


Must be done before airline check-in and bag drop. All luggage/baggage and carry-on must be inspected by ABG. This is located next to the Consejo de Gobierno kiosk.


You will have to arrive to either one of these airports in the islands:

Baltra Island/Santa Cruz Island - Seymour Airport (GPS)

San Cristobal Island - San Cristobal Airport (SCY)

Galapagos National Park entrance fee

The entrance fee to The Galapagos National Park and its Marine Reserve must be paid by all tourists entering the islands in US Dollars and cash only. Here you will be asked to show your TCC too.


Yes, again. All arriving passengers carry-on will be inspected on the way out.

Luggage Claim

Wait for luggage/baggage in the designated area and pick up yours only after an official personnel tells you when.

Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle is the transportation that will take you to Itabaca Canal, buy a ticket in the shuttle kiosk (the fare is $5.00 per person), hand your luggage/baggage to the shuttle staff member and board the shuttle.


Board the ferry/barge to cross to Santa Cruz Island (the fare is $1.00 per person); your luggage/baggage will be handled by the shuttle staff and you will receive it once you have crossed.

How to get to Puerto Ayora?

You can either get to Puerto Ayora by taxi (the fare is $25.00 for a maximum of four people) or public bus (the fare is $5.00 per person).


Local Time

The Galapagos Islands time zone is: GALT Galapagos Time -0600 | UTC-6 | GMT -06:00.


The currency in Ecuador and in The Galapagos Islands is: US Dollars | USD | US$ | $.


The Galapagos Islands sockets/plug types are: A and B (B compatible with A) - 110V.


The official language is Spanish, but English is broadly spoken on the islands.